The wildlife

The wildlife of Lødingen is rich and diverse.

Combined with silence, this gives the true feeling of a miracle.

In Lødingen one often spot the reindeer, moose and red fox. Moreover there are also lynx, mink, weasel, otter. Yes indeed a very varied wildlife, throughout the municipality.

Winter Fox

We must not forget about our livestock: Sheep, cows, goats that we can find on one of the farms scattered around the municipality. Reindeer belong to our lifestock. 


Also the big marine mammals are possible to spot. The Orcinus Orca is a frequent guest around our beaches where the herring is the bait. We also have niser (Phocoenidae) in our fjords, which have relatively hot water being located so far above the polar circle.

Orcas, Vestfjord, Lofoten, Norway.jpg

Birdlife is huge all year long. Among the birds we find eagle, osprey, cormorants, males, ravens, oystercatchers, owls 

Take some time, in a quiet and protected place, and we're sure you'll see some of our animals and birds. We'd love to show you these areas.


Or why not travel out to Vestbygda and visit one of the farms there? Some of them also serve food, let you visit the pets and give you stories and knowledge about our way of living. "Den Sorte Gryte" is such a place worth a visit. On "Boazovázzi - Reingjeteren" - "The reindeerwalker" you can taste Sami food. On both places the food are made from raw materials that comes from their own farm and animals, as well as local berries and vegetables. You can listen to stories, and you can buy Sami art and crafts, goat cheese and other products. See more on their websites.

Sorte Gryte

Our lives are closely linked to exploit our resources, in a sustainable way. Hunting and fishing has throughout the history been necessary to survive here. The respect for wildlife has been a virtue of necessity to provide the legacy on to the next generation and give them the chance for a better life.

Cod coast fishing