Mountain hike in the summer

Foto: Jan Heidegård

In Lødingen you will find all the challenges you need. 


There are areas where you can find peace, excitement and fantastic views. Lakes to fish in or take a swim.

There are also tours and paths that are adapted to most people.

With Lødingen as a hiking destination, the possibilities are many, ranging from precipitous peaks

to idyllic valleys with river outlets and flower beds are just some of what one can experience.

Along the coastline, several places are protected to preserve history, vegetation and the abundant bird and animal life one finds just here.

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  • We will adapt the trips to weather conditions.

  • We will bring some food.

  • We will provide local guide, walking poles and shoe covers.

  • Backpack with drinking bottle/water bottle/thermos, chocolate/orange and seat pads can be rented or bought.

  • You need good shoes, and on cold or windy days you also need warm underwear and windproof clothes.

  • We can also offer to stay overnight, in a tent.

  • It's just to get in touch, we set up a tour according to your wishes

Sunset Views

Price and Booking

  • 4-5 hours: 

        NOK 650 PP

  • Overnight trip with accommodation outside or in a tent: 

       NOK 1 250 PP (18:00-12:00)

  • If we go sleeping in a tent or outside, you ned to bring a sleeping bag.


Phone: +47 90723064

sleeping in tent
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