Skiing in Lødingen

Cross country skiing

What will your experience be? 

  • Half day 3-4 hrs with local guide and instructor. 

  • Full day 7-8 hrs with local guides and instructor.

  • The trip is planned for experienced skiers and novices alike. You just have to let us know about your own skills when ordered.

  • Many different route options, in the beautiful local area. Several small “mountains” to climb, such as Boya, Kvammetind, Kåringen and Eide. None of these options are too demanding, and would suit most anyone regardless of previous experience.

  • We also offer tours of the local skiing trails, also in the evening when it is lit.

  • We drive up to Boazovazzi, on Kåringen. Here we set course against the Red Cross's cottage.

  • We take a short break. Enjoy us with a cup of coffee / tea and chocolate / biscuits.

  • Some would certainly continue on, up towards to Strandstinden. Others may just want to enjoy the view and play in the snow. This is up to the individual group, and we adapt the tours so that everyone is happy.

  • A 15 minute car ride takes us to the bottom of Kanstadfjorden

  • Here we set the course towards Eidevannet and Gullesfjorden.

  • Many places to camp. How far we go depends on skiing skills for the participants.

  • This is a very popular area for families with children.

  • We will enjoy ourselves with bonfires, coffee, tea and other snacks.

  • Sausages and others can be BBQ over the fire.

  • This is a trip to really enjoy. No stress or performance requirements

  • The trip is planned for experienced skiers and novices alike.

  • Planned stop at the ski games facility or at the outdoor shelter «gapahuk» for hot chocolate and oranges, or even a barbecue.

  • In the evening, after the floodlit has been turned of, there's a chance to spot the Northern Lights.

Floodlit ski track

  • Half day 3-4 hrs: NOK 790,- PP

  • Full day 7-8 hrs: NOK 990 ,- PP

  • Includes:

  • Guide

  • Ski

  • skipole 

  • Ski boots

  • Shoecovers, 

  • coffee, tea and some snac


  • Rent of Ski

  • Skiis, skipoles and ski boots without guide NOK 350,- PP/day

  •                        Phone: +47 90723064 

Price and booking

Rent snowshoe

All the place you can go skiing, you also

can go snowshoeing.

You can go alone, or hire a guide


  • Snowshoes and poles, without guide NOK 350,- PP/day

  • Includes:

  • Snowshoes

  • pole 

  • Shoecovers