Boat Rent

In partnership with Gunnars Fiskelykke, AdventureLand can offer boats for rent.

  • We can offer customized tours on the sea outside Lødingen. Here the Vestfjord, Tysfjorden, Efjorden, Ofotfjorden and Tjeldsundet meet. This is the start of Lofoten

  • In Lødingen there are some of the world's best fishing spots. Here you have the opportunity to get a lot of fish and the chance of getting a huge one is always present. Here you have the chance to get your biggest fish so far! This opportunity combined with a magical nature and decent people will make you lower your shoulders and experience excitement at the same time. So "Yes please, both"

  • For centuries, the Norwegian Arctic cod has been the most valuable species of fish for the people of Northern Norway, and cod fisheries from January to April the main season fishing in Norway.

  • It is important to distinguish between coastal cod and arctic cod. Because when the arctic cod from the Barents Sea embark on its annual spawning migration to the northern coast of Norway, it is called "skrei" - which simply means walking, from the Norse walking.

  • But outside Lødingen there are also a number of other great fish species and the season lasts all year.


  • 1 stk Sting 535 PRO med 50 hk

  • 1 stk Sting 600 PRO med 75 hk

  • Fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and lifejackets is includet

  • Requirements for boat license or that boat driver was born before 1980

  • Skipper or guide are also available. Necessary training will be provided..


Contact us and you will get an offer