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Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Winter came fast, and it stayed here. It's cold too, and the cold doesn't seem to let go. It's been a fantastic Northern Lights season, so far.

The next is Advent and Christmas preparations. Christmas decorations on, and in, houses and shops. Happy children, stressed adults. But Christmas is coming, no matter what.

In 2020, we will continue to build around the Northern Lights and the opportunities we have here in Lødingen. We are working on a "Northern Lights Camp" where we can sit in a tent to warm up, get something good to drink while we wait. A place for great meetings and great stories.

Skiing, snowshoeing and poles are available for rent. Looking forward to the skiing season starts to the fullest in the New Year. And in March we will start the collaboration, again, with our friends at the "Riksgrensen". Heli skiing and fishing. Success last season, guaranteed a success this season.

In the spring, there is again full focus on room rental, bicycle rental, boat rental, rock carvings and fishing.

We are also pleased to see that the project up in Hamndalen is moving forward. We hope this can become an area for both residents and visitors. With all the hiking opportunities that exist in that area, this must be good. Winter like summer. And, we must not forget the sherpa stairs that are being planned.

Lødingen is a good place to be, both as a resident and as a visitor. We are a natural traffic hub, with amazing nature experiences just waiting there.

Wish you all a good winter.

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