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Great, today AdventureLand Lødingen and Lødingen sport AS have talked about bike hire. And we agreed that this we must get this in Lødingen. Collaboration is the way to success. When AdventureLand is in place at Sjøvegen 6, we will also be able to offer bicycles.

Is it not natural that we have bikes for hire in Lødigen?

Hire a bike and see a lot more of Lødingen in a shorter time than on foot! It is the perfect way to experience the charming areas of Lødingen.

When you hire a bike, you also get a helmet, lock, map, tools and a bag. The map contains the highlights of the charming Lødingen.

Lødingen is the link between Vesterålen and Lofoten. Perfect place to start if you are planning a cycling trip or attending a bike ride.

The age limit for cycling is 10 years of age.

Hire a guide: You can also hire a guide on the trips. We can give you a price on request if you submit it 24 hours before the start of the trip.

Prices ordinary bike: 2 hours: NOK 200 (minimum price/2 hours) 4 hours: NOK 300 (half day/4 hours) 8 hours: NOK 500 (full day/8 hours)

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