Barøy Lighthouse

Come visit the magic

Barøy is located in Vestfjorden, in the beginning of Ofotfjorden og Tjeldsundet, in a junction at sea.
Barøy Lighthouse has been a guide to sailors and fishermen since 1903. Home of lighthouse families. Automated and embarked in 1980.
Now we have the opportunity to show this unique place, to guests, combined with Northern lights, midnight Sun and food.
The lighthouse appears as it was left in 1980. But in very good condition. The original interior, colours on the floor and walls are intact. A trip to Barøya will bring you back to a bygone era. History and facts make the waiting time for the Northern Lights entertaining. The magic is created in a interaction between people, nature, food, history and the northern lights.
The trip to Barøy is a collaboration between Gunnars Fiskelykke and AdventureLand Lødingen.

The start

  • Attendance at AdventureLand's premises 30 minutes before departure.

  • We will equip you with floating suits and vests.

  • We provide the necessary information about security in the RIB or the boat, and information about the crossing to Barøy.

The Magic

  • Out on the lighthouse you will be greeted by lighthouse keeper Gunnar.

  • You undressing float suits and vests, and leaves them in the boathouse.

  • the lighthouse keeper will take you up to the lighthouse itself.

  • Coffee / tea will be served.

  • A guided tour inside and outside. Storytelling.

  • We wait and see for the northern lights or midnight sun.

  • A dinner will be served.

The return

  • When the time comes, we set the course back to Lødingen. Rich in memories, friends and good food.

  • Upon arrival Lødingen, we end the day at AdventureLand's premises.

  • Here you can buy paintings by Barøy, painted by local artist.

  • Possibilities to take a shower.

  • You can book tours for the coming days.

  • Rent bikes.

  • Rent boat.

Booking and Price:

Contact us and you will get an offer

Minimum 3 person



  • floating suits and floating vests

  • Goggles

  • RIB or boat round trip

  • Coffee / tea

  • Light dinner

  • Guide

  • Local history

  • Fantastic and magical visit to the lighthouse

  • And a lot more + + + + 

Winter season:    1th december– 30th of march

Summer season:  1th of May – 30th of September

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 
Other days on request


Phone: +47 90723064

We can also offer day trips, company trips, team building, eagle safaris and petroglyphs.

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