• Lødingen is the link between Vesterålen and Lofoten. Perfect place to start if you are planning a cycling trip or attending a bike ride. 

  • In the summer we have a cosy and beautiful coastline, with amazingly white beaches. 

  • We can almost give a 100% warranty on spotting sea eagles, reindeer and elk. There is also opportunities to see the killer whale, out in Vestfjorden. And, please, do not forget the almost supernatural nature.

  • In the long polar winter we live our life on the greatest place on earth. 

  • In Lødingen our lives are closely linked to exploit our resources, in a sustainable way.

  • Hunting and fishing has throughout the history been necessary to survive here.

  • The respect for wildlife has been a virtue of necessity to provide the legacy on to the next generation and give them the chance for a better life.

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  • Self catering accommodation in 3 kitchens, but there are several food shops and restaurants in Lødingen, just a few minutes walk from the motel.

  • Free use of coffee and tea.

  • Coffee maker and kettle are of course in the kitchens.

  • AdventureLand Lødingen and Lodèk Motel offers a wide range of outdoor adventures trough all seasons.

  • Is located in Lødingen centrum. 

  • Lødingen is close to airports. Close to Lofoten, Vesterålen and Harstad. Good opportunities for public transportation. 

  • AdventureLand Lødingen and Lodèk Motel aims to solve any demand from our customers, from the individual traveler to business groups.

  • When you join AdventureLand Lødingen for an adventure you can leave your worries behind you. We have a high awareness of safety, close monitoring of our operations and not at least, a strong engagement to make sure that you have a experience you will remember.

  • Our guides will make sure that all activities are done in accordance with our guidelines, for your safety and to keep the impact on the unique nature in Lødingen on a minimum.

Lodèk Motel