Go Fishing in Lødingen 

It is all about the fish

Fishing trips in our gorgeous lakes and fjords

It is all about the fish

  • Lots of small mountain lakes and forrest lakes such as Kårings vannene, Gamdalen, Sørdalen, Nes and many more.

  • Fishing trip from land in one of our many gorgeous fjords. Learning to, and fishing with a rod in the ocean, while the potatoes are being cooked on a bed of seaweed.

  • A local guide.

  • Training in how to catch fish with
    float, worms and lures.

  • Fishing equipment.

  • Bonfire and barbecue where you can cook what you catch.

  • You can, of course, use your own equipment as well.

  • You need waterproof shoes, or at least shoes whit good walking quality.

  • Warm underwear and windproof clothes is recomended.

  • The trip can also be planned as an overnight trip under the open sky, or int tent, lit by the midnight sun. We can also plan easy trips that dont require much equipment.

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Price and Booking

  • 4-5 hours: 

        NOK 650 PP

  • Overnight trip with accommodation outside or in a tent: 

       NOK 1 250 PP (18:00-12:00)

  • Hire fishing equipment:

       NOK 300 PP (09:00 - 09:00)

  • Some water requires a fishing license. The price for this comes in addition. Not large amounts.

  • If we go sleeping in a tent or outside, you ned to bring a sleeping bag.

Booking: booking@adventureland.no       

Phone: +47 90723064

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