Aurora Borealis

Every traveler’s life list should include viewing the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena.

  • From September to April within the Northern Lights zone—latitudes 65 to 75 degrees—solar particles collide with atmospheric gases to create colorful curtains.

  • Ideal viewing conditions are crisp, cold, clear, and cloudless skies with little light. You can see this most impressive light show—lasting from a few minutes to several days—in the regions close to the Arctic.​

  • Depending on the weather and snow conditions the tours will take place on foot or snowshoes.

  • Many different route options. The trip takes about 4 hours.

  • Several small mountains to climb to get the best view.

  • None of these options are too demanding, and it will suit most anyone regardless of previous experience.

  • Your trip will be adapted to weather conditions and the best location to spot the Northern Lights

  • We provide guide, snowshoes, walking poles, shoe covers and headlights.

  • AdventureLand also will provide some hot drink (coffee or chocolate), and some snack to eat

Feel free to use our list of recommended clothes when you pack:

  • Clothing
    • Base layers, long underwear (wool or synthetic)

    • Insulating mid layer, fleece jacket or vest

    • Waterproof / breathable jacket (or soft shell)

    • Insulating jacket (worn at stops)Waterproof / breathable pants (or soft shell)

    • Insulating hat, cap, balaclava or headband

    • Neck or face gaiter (bandana or similar)Wool socks (remember spare socks too)

    • Gloves, mittens and / or over mittens

  • Footwear
    • Insulated, waterproof boots are best with snow shoes. They have thick soles,  rubber/leather uppers and insulation.

    • Leather hiking boots works well, too, if they are waterproof

    • Gaiters is a big plus, as it keeps snow out of your boots.

  • Backpack
    • A medium sized backpack for extra snack, drinking water, hot drinks and extra clothing. This you can rent from AdventureLand

Price and Booking:

From 1/10 to 1/4

Tuesday, Friday and Sunday

Trip start 21:00
Duration 4 hours
Price NOK 690 p.p.

group size: 2-10

+47 90723064