It is all about the fish

How to fish it, how to eat it, how to understand the history around it and most of all; learning the local fishing culture.

Over centuries our village Lødingen has been depended upon fish. 

Join us over 3 exciting days - we guarantee lots of fishing, eating and fun. 

Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food that provides a range of health benefits. White-fleshed fish, in particular, is lower in fat than any other source of animal protein, and oily fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, or the "good" fats. Since the human body can’t make significant amounts of these essential nutrients, fish are an important part of the diet

"One thing I love about fishing is that it tends to bond families if everyone takes part.
Husbands and wives and kids can all do this on an even footing, little sister might just catch something bigger than Dad did, and thats a positive thing at times.
Spending time together, being on equal footing for that particular period of time has some very positive benefits to the family and nearly every family I’ve seen begin fishing together, assumes they will hate it, and ends up wondering why they didn’t do it a long time ago" (

What will your experience be? 

day 1

  • Arrival Lødingen and welcome

  • A short briefing about Lødingen and what will happen during your stay

  • Delivery of rooms, keys, maps and other written info

  • Find rooms and discover Arctic Garden

day 2

  • Attendance at Lofoten Sea Products AS

  • Guiding on the premises of Lofoten Sea Products AS

  • Lunch

  • Preparation to go fishing on a boat

  • Go fishing, with traditional fishing gear. And to set longline.

  • Take care of catch. Prepare Fish & Chips for dinner. 

day 3

  • Shop for raw materials for dinner, at a local store. This according to the shopping list distributed on day 2

  • Out with Gunnars Fiskelykke. Pick up the line and other fishing. Lunsh out on the boat.

  • Take care of catch.

  • Dinner


  • 3 nights at Arctic Garden,

  • 3 breakfast 

  • 2 lunch

  • 2 dinner

  • boat with guide.

  • All fishing gear

  • Local history

  • Training in filleting / preparing fish.

  • And a lot more + + + + 



Phone: + 47 90723064

We also have offers for those who simply want to learn to fill fish or just visit us.
We can also offer day trips out on the fishing grounds.
There are opportunities for everyone. Contact us, and we will see what is possible

Rådhusvegen 9
N-8410 Lødingen  
Phone: +47 90 72 30 64   

The reception is open from 10am to 10pm from May to October every day of the week.
The rest of the year the reception will be open after inquiries by phone or mail

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