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tours in Lødingen

  • AdventureLand Lødingen offers a wide range of outdoor adventures trough all seasons. Our office is located in Lødingen centrum. Lødingen is close to airports. Close to Lofoten, Vesterålen and Harstad. Good opportunities for public transportation 

  • AdventureLand Lødingen aims to solve any demand from our customers, from the individual traveler to business groups.

  • When you join AdventureLand Lødingen for an adventure you can leave your worries behind you. We have a high awareness of safety, close monitoring of our operations and not at least, a strong engagement to make sure that you have a experience you will remember

  • Our guides will make sure that all activities are done in accordance with our guidelines, for your safety and to keep the impact on the unique nature in Lødingen on a minimum.

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